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12 X 1" Metal to Wood ROOFING SCREW For OSB AND PLYWOOD - 1/4" Hex Head - Assembled Washer - Galvanized -- Type 17 Tip

12 X 1" Metal to Wood ROOFING SCREW For OSB AND PLYWOOD - 1/4" Hex Head - Assembled Washer - Galvanized -- Type 17 Tip

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12 X 1" Metal to Wood ROOFING SCREW - 1/4" Hex Head - Assembled Washer - Galvanized - OSB AND PLYWOOD

All of these Colors are Special Order Items - Call 406-752-5253 For Shipping Information - No Returns After Order

✔#12 Metal to Wood Roofing Screws With Aggressive Coarse Threads for OSB and Plywood Applications
✔1/4" Hex Head and Type 17 Tip for Easy Installation
✔G90 Assembled Washer With EPDM Washer to Resist Leakage
✔# 12 Shank, Mechanically Galvanized to Resist Corrosion

Please keep in mind when choosing the screw color to match your roofing that differences in computer screens, in sheet metal roofing production and roofing screw production runs and age of existing metal, the color you order and the color of your roofing may vary to some degree

All our metal roofing screws use EPDM washers to seal the screw to metal roofing panel to prevent leaking. Our EPDM washers hold up well to ozone, ultraviolet radiation, harsh outdoor environmental conditions and temperature extremes. Compared to neoprene washers, the EPDM temperature range of -60 to 350 F is far superior to Neoprene washers which have a much narrower temperature range. (EPDM - synthetic rubber)

ONLY screw head is painted to ensure EPDM washer seals to metal roof. NO paint on the threads to maximize holding strength

When Installing these screws we recommend using screw-gun with torque control or a depth sensing feature. Impact tools are not recommended.

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