How to Measure the Diameter of Your Pipe

Ordering parts for a fence can be daunting. The majority of returns begin during the ordering process due to improper measurements, or due to confusion in terms. Using the diagrams and installation instructions we provide, should help you avoid getting the wrong size part for your project.

Did you know that Chain Link Fence piping isn't the same as plumbing pipe? Chain link fence pipe can be called Tubing, CQ20 or DQ40 and comes in different sizes of outside diameters. So when you are on-line about to purchase new rail ends or eye tops, understand that the fence was probably constructed of Tubing, CQ20 or DQ40 pipe. So, if you repaired or replaced fence top rail and posts and didn't purchase fence pipe, you will need to re-measure the pipe or post to match up.

Chain Link pipe is measured by the "Outside Diameter" of the pipe, where household plumbing pipe is measured by the "inside." Does that mean you can't use a pipe you found with your fencing? No, it just means you need to measure differently. All chain link fencing is measured by "Outside" or across the pipe, not around or by circumference. Measure across the end of the pipe or on the outside of the pipe using a caliper

We strive to provide as much detail in our descriptions and examples to assist you in getting the correct part, the first time without issues. Our recommendations come from many years experience installing fencing here in our area. You are welcome to call our Customer Service Representatives at 406-752-5253 or email us at We are here to help.

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