Collated Nails - What a Difference a Degree Makes

Collated Nails are commonly used by the construction industry, fired out of a pneumatic nail gun making building projects complete faster and save on time. There are many styles (degrees) of collated nails and each has its own benefit. Nails come in Common, Hot Galvanized, Vinyl Tip, Ring Shank, Stainless Steel and more.

Which Nail Gun is Best for Me?

There are nail guns for every type of fastener from Framing Nails, Siding and Fencing, Brad Nails, Staples, Round Head Nails and Clipped Head Nails. Collated Nails come in Wire Weld, Plastic Strip/Paper Tape, Air Driven Pneumatic and Electric Cordless. There are many different manufacturers on the market and are sold by type of fasteners and type of nail. Collated Nails are sold in degrees (angles) which nail gun you purchase will depend on what kind of projects you have in mind.

What Degree is Best?
Some of the popular framing nailers come in 21 and 30 Degree. Typically a 21 Degree can be used for framing and siding. Nails usually come in plastic strips and have fully-rounded nail heads. Good for corners and tighter spaces in framing.

30 Degree nailers use paper strip with a larger capacity. The downside is some 30 Degree nails use clipped or Offset-Head nails. These don't always meet all building codes and you should investigate if this is the best fit. Although 30 Degree nails do fit well into tight corners, A 21 Degree framer may work better here.

One downside to each style is the left over product from Each. With 21 Degree plastic frames there will be pieces of plastic ejected with every nail driven. With 30 Degree nails, one will leave pieces of paper. The paper strip can also be ruined if exposed to moisture. Again, be sure to check your local building codes on what type of Collated Nails are permissible in your area. Your ordinance may require one or the other, or perhaps wire weld coils.

Another common Collated Nail Gun is the 15 Degree Wire Weld Coil Nailer. These are large capacity with rounded heads, held with thin wire strips at a 15 degree angle. Popular due to acceptance by local building codes (check your local ordinance). Good for fitting into tight spaces, corners. Used for wall sheathing, pressure treated fencing, siding, roofing and are good for framing.  28 Degree Collated Nails also have wire strips for collation, both round or clipped heads are available.

Which Brand Nail Gun is The Best?

That is a great question, and one best left to a little investigation. Numerous brands of nail guns and collated nails can be used with a variety of manufacturers nail guns. Whether you are looking for a framing nail gun or one to drive staples and brads, There are lots of choices and prices. There are framing nailers, finish nailers, brad nailers, and staple nailers in a variety of angles/degrees.