Buyer's Guide

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How do I find my product?
1. Shop by Category: From our home page, you can explore our various products through the 'Shop by Category' section. This area details our product categories and breaks them down into subcategories for ease of navigation.

2. Top Mega Menu: For a quick reference of these categories from other pages, you can utilize the top menu navigation bar. This feature mirrors the categories found in the 'Shop by Category' section, allowing for quick access to the product areas you're interested in.

3. Category Index: For a text-based overview of our products, you may want to check out the 'Category Index' found in the footer navigation. This index lists all product categories, followed by text links to each individual product under that category, giving you an easy way to see all the items we offer at once.

If you ever encounter difficulties in locating a product, our customer service team would be glad to assist you. 

How do I apply a discount?
If an item you are viewing qualifies for discounts, you will find these offers, along with the minimum quantity required for each discount, in a chart located below the blue "Add To Cart" button and above the Customer Reviews section. Please review this chart to choose the discount you wish to apply. If you select the required minimum quantity for the discount, it will automatically apply to your cart. You can also directly add the discounted product to your cart by clicking "Add to Cart" next to the preferred discount in the chart itself. This will select the necessary minimum quantity of the product for the discount and add it to your cart.

I have a discount code! Where do I apply it?
If we have provided you with a discount code, you may apply it to your order at the Checkout page. To get to the Checkout page, simply visit your Cart and click the blue "Check out" button.